Welcome to JD Grewell & Associates, Inc.

The purchase of real property, whether a single family home or a condominium unit, is the single largest investment most of us ever make.  Who do you trust when seeking the assistance you need to be assured the property is not going to be full of surprises when you become the new owner?

Finding a home inspector is not a simple task. Are they qualified? Are they experienced? Do they have a proven track record of accuracy and thoroughness? Are they properly certified by an independent third party? Do they agree to keep the report confidential and not share or discuss it without your permission? 

JD Grewell & Associates, Incfirmly believes we meet all of these criteria and more.

With more than 40 years of experience providing home inspections in the Washington DC metropolitan area, you can have faith that we provide helpful and accurate inspection reports. We utilize the best and most flexible reporting software that allows us to give specifics regarding areas of concern, as well as general information regarding equipment locations and materials.

We report whether components are functioning properly (Satisfactory), need immediate repair (Unsatisfactory), have repairs that are pending within the next couple of years (Marginal), have safety concerns (Safety Concern), or will need specialized knowledge to further evaluate and diagnose. Our digital reports include captioned photographs with descriptions highlighting specific defective areas. We also include Maintenance Items, simple corrections most homeowners can accomplish themselves that will usually cost less than $250.00.

The digital report also includes the ASHI Client Bill of RightsHome Fact Information, and Annual Maintenance Tips for each area of a home. At the end of the extensive report we provide a concise list of all these discoveries in the Report Summary. We also provide a copy of the American Society of Home Inspector’s Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Regarding your contract to purchase real estate, we encourage you to select the inspector you’d like to hire and confirm their availability ahead of submitting a real estate contract so you will not be under the pressure of a few-day contingency to find one. You will then know how many days to request for in your contract’s pre-purchase home inspection contingency clause. You are strongly encouraged to attend the inspection process and to ask any questions you have about the condition of the property. This is often the only time that most purchasers have to take another, and usually more objective, look at the property until after settlement.